Timothy Blade

Timothy Blade Farris“Blade” is described as a special child. He likes to play with Legos, video games, race cars, and Pokémon cards. He can be captivated for hours by looking through a car trader magazine. Just as any other teen, he likes any electronic device but needs to be monitored carefully for appropriate content. He desires a two parent, Christian home, where he can have his own bedroom and all of the children within the family are treated equally.

What you can do for this child:
“Blade” does best in structured environments where the expectations are clearly defined by adults and they are consistent with those expectations. He does better with children his age, or older children in the home. He needs experienced parents who can be structured and firm, as well as patient, supportive, and understanding of his needs. He needs a family who can clearly define boundaries and work with him on his level. He needs his own bedroom and does not need to share a room with other children. He also needs a strong female figure that is not afraid to assert her authority.

If you have room in your heart and a home for “Blade”, contact Sandra Byron at 865-604-6200 or sbyron@omnivisions.com.