RoseRose is an inquisitive, intelligent, goal-driven sixteen-year-old. She is in her high school chorus and enjoys playing and sometimes watching softball, football and basketball. Rose likes to hike and has done some lengthy, mountainous jaunts while with respite foster parents. Rose loves pets and is caring and kind with them. Rose loves to go fishing and spend time at lakes. Rose also likes to look for four-leaf clovers, read, and watch television shows. Rose has a collection of stuffed animals in her bedroom. When visiting her room you would find that Rose enjoys collecting unusual items such as four leaf clovers and a variety of rocks. Vacations and trips are a favorite for Rose. She loves going to the beach, swimming in the ocean, going to amusement parks and going on school field trips. Rose does and will help with chores that are needed in the home. She is currently employed at a fast food restaurant where she works a few days per week. Her favorite foods are steak quesadillas, salmon, calamari and sushi. When with friends they write songs, sing together and go out to eat.

When asked if granted three wishes what would they be, Rose replied that she would like to meet the Red Hot Chili Peppers, travel around the world, and always have a good a time.

Rose earns all A’s, B’s, and C’s and has an employment goal of becoming a professional welder. She is in the welding program at her high school and has found she loves this profession. Rose will be a junior in her next semester.

When asked what she would like people to know about her, Rose replied that she is more lovable than people realize. She also shares that she does not like when people show favoritism resulting in hurting other’s feelings.

If Rose could go anywhere on earth, she would like to go somewhere no one has ever been, to discover it first.

Rose’s ideal forever family will be active, “outdoorsy” people who take family vacations and do family activities together. She wants her family to have at most one other child. Her family should have many pets too. Rose loves one-on-one attention and will thrive if she receives consistent love and support that will give her confidence in her daily tasks and challenges.

Rose’s forever family can live in any setting, be it country, city, beach or mountainous areas.

For more information:
Ann Hewson-Mount
Adoption Specialist