Kristopher and John



A sibling group of two, eager for a forever home.

Kristopher has a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing sports in his spare time. He can be shy at first but in time can become comfortable with peers and adults. He also enjoys reading in his spare time as well. He loves baseball and has played for a city league team during the summer.

Kristopher states, “I would like my adoptive parents to let me continue to visit the library to read and check out books.”

Alexander, who is affectionately called “John”, is the youngest and full of personality! He loves to play video games and wishes for adoptive parents to play video games with him. He enjoys reading and in the past made the record for getting a certain amount of points for the books he has read and was awarded a trip to Books-A-Million by his school. His reading level is above his grade level.

“John” states, “I want someone nice and someone to go outside and play.”


Alexander “John”

What you can do for these children: These siblings need an active home that can provide them with love and support. The sibling group will do well in a two-parent home that is well structured. The siblings will need parents who understand pre-teen and teen behaviors. The siblings respond well to approval and will thrive in an environment where praise is implemented. Both children wish to continue to attend church and stay together.

For more information:
Kelsey Wynn
Adoption Coordinator
Mobile 731-592-1228