KalebKaleb is an individual who has a wonderful sense of humor and is a happy child. He is easy going and polite. Kaleb loves to help others and enjoys volunteering for his local community organization. He enjoys cooking/grilling and does very well. He also loves animals and is good with them. He loves is to play video games (any Need for Speed), listen to music, swim and watch TV. He likes listening to whatever is popular and loves Katy Perry.

What others say about Kaleb:
People describe Kaleb as a very polite youth who demonstrates good manners and is helpful. He is described as having an easygoing personality and gets along well with children and adults.

What you can do for Kaleb:
Kaleb will do well in a single parent or two-parent home. He would like to be a big brother and does well with other children.

Contact for more information:
Stephanie Monroe