ColeCole is a neat and organized young man, especially with his school work. He enjoys school and learning new things. He likes collecting items, such as rocks and is creative and enjoys building things. Cole loves to read and his intelligence is a strength. Cole has good communication skills and easily carries on conversations with others. Cole can be respectful, helpful, encouraging, and mannerly when he wants to be. Some of his favorite things are: Hot Wheels, rubber bands to make intricate bracelets, video games, computer games, puzzles, remote control cars, colored pencils, gel pens and art supplies. Cole’s favorite book series are Secrets of Droon and Mask Missions. Cole loves teenage mutant ninja turtles, dinosaurs, chess/checkers, card games, Operation, dominos, tinker toys, and Jenga. Cole enjoys being inside or outside. Cole enjoys swimming, fishing, practicing shooting his bow and playing sports. He likes to listen to music such as kidzbop, country and rock. Cole prefers positive rewards when he makes good choices. Cole loves spending time with people he cares about. Cole loves animals. Cole likes to share his toys and activities with others. Cole likes to clean. Cole is a tactile child and likes to feel close to others through one on one attention, hugs, high fives and head rubs. He is very excited to find a family that shares some common interests with him.

Cole is intelligent and has the potential to be very successful. He is able to use words and talk about concerns with someone he trusts. He gets along with most adults, as long as he feels safe. Cole has been through a lot in his past, but still has hope that he will be able to live with a family that will love and care for him. Cole likes having a schedule such as a set time for waking up and going to bed.

Cole will do well and thrive in a structured environment where there is a schedule and expectations are clearly defined. Cole would do well in an environment of positive praise. Cole follows rules well and can adapt well to different situations. As with most children, Cole loves to have one-on-one attention from his foster parents. Cole needs a family that is patient and full of love. Cole would do well living in the country or city. Cole would do best in a home where he was the same age, only child, or the youngest child. Cole’s comfort level would best be served by a two parent family or single female. Cole needs a family who will support his needs in ongoing therapy as well as participate, if deemed necessary.

Stacy Pomeroy