Jonathon softened (300x296)Jonathon is a respectful seventeen year old who wants to be an integral part of a family. He shared that he worries about what is going to happen to him when he becomes an adult. Jonathon wants a family to be his “ROCK “and support.

Jonathon is a Christian and wants to be able to go to church weekly. His ideal family would be Christian as well and church and related activities would become family events.

Jonathon makes friends easily. He is known to shield his friends from possible harm should the need arise. Jonathon is in the Boy Scouts and is close to obtaining his second class rank. He loves fishing and would love to learn how to fly fish. One of his wishes is to win as many fishing tournaments as possible. Other sports he enjoys are disc golf, basketball and watching football. He is a devoted VOLS fan. A favorite indoor activity is playing his guitar. He loves to cook and will help with indoor and outdoor chores.

Family vacations and trips are dreams for Jonathon. He loves to go to the beach and spend time doing water activities. Jonathon welcomes the idea of having siblings but would also be comfortable if he were an only child in his forever home. Jonathon loves animals and would love to have pets he could care for and enjoy.

People that make Jonathon laugh are The Cable Guy, Jim Carey and Gabriel Iglesias.

Holidays with a family would mean everything to Jonathon. July fourth is awesome to Jonathon because of all the fireworks. Thanksgiving is a favorite because of the delicious food and Christmas is the most special because it’s celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Jonathon wants others to know that he is very easy going and considers himself “ a country, hillbilly type of guy.” He prays to have a forever family soon.

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