Meet Jazmyn
Jazmyn is a 15-year-old Caucasian female. She is strong willed and can easily express her emotions. She is the oldest out of two siblings. She has a little brother named Joey. She loves spending time with her brother. Jazmyn also enjoys listening to different types of music. She enjoys watching TV and movies. Her favorite movie is “Home Alone.” Jazmyn interacts with others well and enjoys meeting and having conversations with new people. Jazmyn is in the 10th grade, very studious, and maintains As in school. She is on her school’s softball team.

What others say about Jazmyn
Jazmyn is a polite, well mannered young lady. She has strong determination when it comes to tasks that are given to her.

What you can do for Jazmyn
Jazmyn needs a two-parent family who is caring, active in her life and extracurricular activities, as well as invested in to being there for her.

For more information:
Kelsey Wynn, Adoption Coordinator
(731)660-1990 Ext. 7510