Jason is 10 years old. He is capable of communicating well and he is a happy child. However, when he is angry, he tends to shut down and not communicate with others.

He enjoys puzzles, books, socializing with others, outdoor activities, school, arts and crafts. Jason likes receiving attention, nurturing, positive reinforcements, praise and reassurance. He dislikes being told no. Being told ‘no’ is a trigger for him.

Jason is eager to have a forever family. Jason loves attending church, and would like to continue his religious growth with an adoptive family.

Jason has been described as a delightful child. He is helpful to others. He shows great leadership qualities in school and social activities.

Jason needs a family that is willing to spend the time in building a meaningful lasting relationship with him because there will be challenges due to the trauma he has experienced in his life and the previously failed adoption. He needs a forever family that is committed to him.

The adoptive family needs to be capable of providing therapeutic parenting skill which includes constant supervision, consistent rules and schedule, and parents whom demonstrates strength, love, and commitment. Jason has experienced disappointment and hurt from his birth and adoptive family. He needs a family whom is willing to work towards gaining his trust and is capable of handling his significant needs.

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