HaileyHailey is an adorable little girl with brown hair and a kind and affectionate personality. Hailey loves to be with people and enjoys the attention she receives from others. She likes to color and make crafts.

What others say about Hailey:
Hailey is always full of smiles. Hailey enjoys school and her teachers report she has made great progress while exhibiting appropriate school behavior. She continues to make improvements daily. Hailey has benefited from working with caseworkers, her foster family, school and community supports, but would thrive best with a forever family.

What you can do for Hailey:
Hailey does very well with routine and structure. This ensures Hailey knows what to expect and what is expected of her. Hailey loves singing in the church choir. She would really benefit from a family who would continue to encourage her creativity, allow her social and community interaction.

Contact for more information:
Joy Hewett