Courtney is best described as having a quiet demeanor and a shy smile. He does best when he builds a rapport and has consistent structure and attention from his caregiver. Courtney has endured a lot of trauma in his life and deserves stability and unconditional love. In school, Courtney works hard to keep up academically and behaviorally. His foster parents and team members engage the school on a consistent basis to make sure Courtney is working well academically and having minimal behavior issues.

What others say about Courtney…
Courtney is most happy when he is playing outside or eating one of his favorite foods.

What you can do for Courtney…
Courtney would do well in either a single parent or two parent homes. Courtney needs a family that is patient and loving, yet stern and corrective. A family that is understanding and willing to work with him as he continues through life would be best for him. He also would do best if he is the youngest child in the home.

Contact for more info:
Tanya Royal
Adoption Specialist
(901) 372-1172