Corey HCorey is an intelligent young man with an inquisitive nature. He enjoys swimming, drawing, and playing basketball. He is often playful, friendly and warm. Currently his favorite subject is Science and he aspires to be a scientist. He is quite adventurous and enjoys playing outside as well as watching educational shows about animals in their environments. He is very interested in the inter-workings of gadgets around him and often asks questions concerning them.

What Others Say about Corey
Corey always has a smile on his face and is easy to fall in love with. His teachers say he can get off task and lose focus of his goals but is easily redirected. He needs a strong advocate to ensure he reaches his full potential.

What You Can Do For Corey
Corey needs a home that consists of unconditional love and structure. He desires a single or two-parent home, with parents of any race, preferably with at least one other child his age or older, for him to interact with. He takes well to others, and will fit perfectly into a family open to loving him and assisting with his therapeutic needs.

Contact for more info:
Katie Thomas
Adoption Specialist