BrandonBrandon is a kind hearted young man. Brandon can be very shy at times but he does enjoy individual attention. He does well in school and his favorite subject is math. Brandon really enjoys animals and working the farm. He loves to be outside and enjoys nature. He likes fishing, horseback riding, and hunting and has begun to learn how to weld.

Brandon likes all types of food but especially enjoys home cooked meals. Brandon likes to learn from other peers and adults. Brandon can follow house rules, at times he will drift off track, but with a simple reminder and encouraging word, he can fall right back on track. Brandon is on track to graduate in the summer of 2019.

Brandon would be best suitable for a home with an older brother or sister to encourage Brandon to be the best he can be. Brandon needs a family that is well structured, patient, and supportive and that will work with him on his transition into an adoptive home. Brandon’s future goals include residing in a home with lots of animals and land.

For More Information:
Amanda Shipley
Adoption Coordinator