Age xx

Age xx

Antonio is a very active young man and likes playing with Legos, watching movies and drawing. His favorite thing to draw is dragons. He spends the majority of his time building Lego forts and robots. He pays great attention to small details. He enjoys making those around him laugh with impersonations and acting.

What others say about Antonio
Those closest to Antonio say he is an extremely energetic young man with beautiful red hair. He is very respectful and looks for affirmation. He thrives on making those around him happy.

What you can do for Antonio
Antonio would do well in a two parent or single mother household that displays a structured environment. The family must be willing to offer support and meet his needs. He wants an active family that does a lot in the community and travels. He will need assistance redirecting his behavior in the home, at school, as well as interacting positively with peers. He would benefit from being the youngest child or only child in the home. The potential family would need therapeutic training in providing structure, supervision, and behavioral modification.

For more information:
Katie Thomas
Adoption Specialist