AlexisAlexis prefers a traditional family or a single mother. She is fine with having siblings but she definitely wants a loving mom. The race of her adoptive family does not matter and she does not mind moving out of state. Her three wishes are that she wants to be adopted, find her forever mother and grow up in a healthy family atmosphere.

Alexis likes to be around active people but she considers herself not to be that active. She needs assistance with her diet, nutrition and exercise. She has an IEP and will need help with her academics. Alexis has some friends at school and her favorite things to do with them are skating, crafting, singing, dancing and scrapbooking. She loves country music and drawing hearts because hearts show emotion. She wants to sing on the “Voice” as she says that she can tell her life stories when she sings.

Alexis says that her friends describe her as lovable, nice, funny, honest and very good with younger children. She said that she wants to be an Omni Visions worker as an adult because she knows how kids in foster care feel. She is very proud of helping her current foster family when needed.

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