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Every child has a right to be a member of a healthy and supportive family. Children served by Omni Visions are in state custody due to abuse, neglect, unruly or delinquent behaviors, extensive medical issues or significant behavioral and emotional needs.

Omni’s primary focus is to support the family in overcoming barriers that prohibit both the child’s development and the ongoing operation of a positive system.

Counseling and intervention services are based on an understanding of how each family functions, recognizing that each is unique and may require the services of different professional and para-professionals.

Foster Care

Foster Care


Omni’s primary focus is to support children and families and to ensure youth achieve permanency.  Omni provides our families with specialized pre-placement and ongoing training, a monthly financial stipend, and a highly skilled support team available 24/7.

Since most children placed with Omni have experienced some level of trauma, we specialize in providing trauma informed care, training and support to staff and caregivers to promote healing so our children can reach their fullest potential.  Omni has maintained a strong partnership with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and Vanderbilt Centers of Excellence to support our efforts in the implementation of evidence informed interventions and practice for children experiencing trauma histories.

Together we can provide a “brighter tomorrow” for our children by “taking care of people.”

Complete our Request for Information form or contact an Omni Visions office near you.

The Qualifications are Simple

        • Can be married, single, or divorced
        • May or may not have children
        • Can own or rent your home/apartment
        • Be 25 years of age, or if a two parent home, at least one applicant be 25
        • Can be employed
        • Must be a citizen of the United States
        • All applicants in the home must be able to attend agency training
        • Valid  state driver’s license, with reliable transportation
        • Be financially stable, employed, retired
        • Have a physical completed by your primary care physician
        • Pass all background checks along with drug screening
        • Home must have a bedroom to accommodate a foster child/children

Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent

        • Step One: Complete our information request form or contact an Omni Visions office near you.
        • Step Two: Omni Visions staff members will work with you through the application and approval process.
        • Step Three: Omni Visions will work to find a good match between you and a child needing a family.

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Change the life of a child by becoming a member of the Omni Family today. Watch our video for more information.




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At Omni Visions, we recognize adoption is a lifelong commitment. Since 2000, Omni Visions has specialized in Special Needs adoptions and finalizes over 125 adoptions every year for children in our foster care program.

Our Foster Treatment Parents are approved as both foster and adoptive parents, thus, the approval process is the same.Omni Visions will work with you, your family and the child to ensure a good match, to ease the adoption process and to provide complete support in preparation for adoption.

The financial obligation for the family is minimal and depending upon state guidelines for qualification, legal fee reimbursements and adoption assistance may be provided to the family. Specific qualifications will be discussed with you in detail prior to making the commitment to adopt.

Children with special needs may have social, medical, physical, and developmental challenges. These children need parents who will care for them, nurture their potential, and commit to meeting their needs while providing permanency. Omni Visions strives to provide children with safe nurturing ‘forever’ families, but we cannot do it without you.

Complete our Request for Information form or contact an Omni Visions office near you to learn more about adoption.

Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent

To learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, please contact us directly at 800-851-6108 or complete the form below.  We look forward to speaking with you! 

Contacts & Locations

For referrals or questions, please call Omni Visions at:

  • (615) 726-3603 or
  • toll free at (800) 851-6108

Following is a list, by state, of our Children’s Program office-based service locations:

Why Foster?

7 Reasons You Should Become a Foster Parent

Many people focus on the reasons they’re not foster parents. Here are a few reasons you should be.

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shutterstock_410478751With the staggering numbers of children in foster care in our communities, there is always a need for more foster families. Many people consider foster parenting, but often, fear the unknowns of it. The thoughts of “What if we get too attached?” or “What if the child goes back to a bad situation?” seem to steer people away from jumping headfirst into foster parenting.

Of course, there are reasons why one should not be a foster parent, and every person needs to decide if foster care is the right thing to do. However, when considering the reasons not to do foster care, perhaps, one should consider the reasons to become a foster parent.

Here are just a few to think about:

1. Foster care really is a mission field. Have you thought about going on a mission trip, but your job, family, or situation does not allow for it? If so, consider becoming a foster parent. There are ample opportunities for you to reach the “least of these” in your own backyard. Children and youth in the system have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and face tremendous obstacles. Foster parenting is a powerful way to lift up the heads of children and youth, and show them that there is hope for the future.

2. It takes a lot of active players to help children who have experienced abuse or neglect. One of the key factors in rectifying problems and circumstances that bring children into care is the involvement of multiple people who play integral and supportive roles with at-risk families, children, and youth. The role of a foster parent is one of the most vital ones in the system. Foster parents can love and teach children while also supporting the biological family members who are working to provide a safer home for their children to return to.

3. Foster parenting changes generations. If you have thought, “I can’t help them all, but maybe I can help one,” consider this: The difference you can make as a foster parent, and adoptive parent, does not just change the one or two children you are fostering. It has the ability to change generations. Children and youth can learn what it takes for families to be stable, abuse-free, and safe. Foster parents are the ones who can teach them this. Through these lessons, the hope is that they will grow up to provide security and safety for their children, and their children will do the same.

4. The lessons learned through foster parenting translate to different situations throughout life.
Time and again, people who have experienced foster parenting walk away with a greater sense of what is really going on in their communities. Their ability to humanize others, understand that everyone has a story, and appreciate their own upbringings are just a few of the great lessons learned while foster parenting. As a foster parent, you learn to let go of the need to control things in your life (that is probably one of the biggest challenges as well). You also begin to see a greater picture unfold of how your own life experience can shape the world around you.

5. There are not enough homes for older children and sibling groups. This is one of the most heart-breaking struggles in finding homes for children and youth in care. It is very difficult to find homes for children over the age of six, and for siblings groups of three or more. A lot of families entering into foster care prefer younger ages, and while this is understandable, the truth is that all ages of children and youth are in need of families.

In addition, if homes are not available for larger sibling groups, the group is split up into multiple homes. Children and youth in care have already dealt with their lives being turned upside down, so sleeping in foster care shelters due to the lack of homes or being separated from siblings is extremely distressing. It cannot be stressed enough that there is a huge need for families to take older kids and sibling groups.

6. Far too many children grow up in a setting that does not resemble a family. Residential facilities and group homes provide for safety, basic needs, and structure, but they are not a family. Some children require a high level of structure and care due to emotional and behavioral challenges, but it would be considered an incredible success if families were willing to undergo specialized training to meet the challenges of these children and youth, while also providing them with the feeling of belonging in a family.

7. The children need you. Let’s face it. There are far too many children in the United State foster care system. We live in a great nation with tremendous opportunity; yet, around each corner in our communities are children and youth who may never taste the sweetness of a life lived without fear, confusion, and chaos. Of course, the greatest challenge and passion of professionals working in child welfare is to prevent child abuse and neglect. Despite the work done in this area, the statistics continues to show that abuse and neglect are prevalent in our society. Foster parenting is a mighty way to be a part of a community that works tirelessly to provide children and youth with a greater future. The children need you. They need all of us.

These reasons are just a few to remind of the greater calling in life to help children in need. If you have ever thought about becoming a foster parent, this poem by Forest Witcraft may just sum up the very reason why you should become one: “A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of care I drove . . . but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

by Caroline Bailey

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Media Inquiries:

If you want to learn more about our organization or speak with an expert on foster care or behavioral health, please contact Jennifer Wigal at (615) 823-5860 ext. 1905 or jwigal@3ls.com.

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